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Connect with friends, both new and old, with the magic of social VR. Bring your ideas to life from within 3D space with powerful spatial prototyping tools. Discover the next frontier of immersive VR experiences for communities and creators.

Frequently asked questions

All WMR headsets require compatible PC hardware. To see if your PC is WMR-ready, review the official compatibility guidelines or run the Mixed Reality Portal app.

WMR headsets are compatible with hundreds of popular games and VR experiences available from SteamVR™ and Microsoft Store.

Get started building WMR apps by reviewing the official developer documentation. To test and optimize your SteamVR™ experiences to run on WMR headsets, read the SteamVR™ app porting guide. For additional resources, review the WMR quick start tutorials and enthusiast documentation.


Find tips for getting started with the best of VR and Windows Mixed Reality.


HP Reverb G2 headset.

Immerse yourself in the best of VR